Opportuna Profit Amplifier

Empower Your Business Growth and Elevate Your Profits

How many leads do you want to buy monthly? Enter the number of qualified leads you would like to purchase per month.


How to Count Annual Average Client Revenue? Enter the annual average revenue generated from a typical client.


How to Count Lead Capture Rate? Enter the percentage of clients that typically result in a sale from your qualified leads.


How to Count Annual Average Gross Profit Margin? Enter the gross profit / total revenue (percentage) for your business.

The estimated ROI provided by the Opportuna Profit Amplifier is based on projections from comprehensive digital marketing campaigns employing aggressive tactics running multiple sprints to maximize project efficiency. Actual results will vary by industry niche and types of campaigns.

Monthly Estimated Lead Cost

$100 - $200

Monthly Estimated Total Lead Cost

$1,000 - $2,000

Estimated ROI %

100% - 200%